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National Taichung Theater Membership
General Terms and Conditions & Application Form

110.04 Updated
General Terms and Conditions
  • The National Taichung Theater (hereinafter referred to as “NTT”) provides membership services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) pursuant to these general terms and conditions. By submitting this membership application or utilizing the Services, the member is considered to have read, understood and consented to these general terms and conditions. NTT reserves the right to modify any of these general terms and conditions, and to announce these modifications on its official website without any additional notice to the member. It is suggested that the member regularly check the latest general terms and conditions at continuing to use the services after modification(s) of these terms and conditions, the member confirms to have read, understood, and agreed to the modification(s). The member has the right to terminate utilization of Services in the event of disagreement with the modification(s).
  • NTT and the member agree that any correspondence regarding the utilization of Services shall be made via e-mail or other form of electronic document.
  • NTT will collect necessary personal information from the membership application. To protect this personal information, as well as the privacy and rights of the member, pursuant to Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act, NTT must inform the member of the following.
    • Purpose: NTT collects personal information to distribute promotional material, for development of contracts or relevant legal matters, information services, customer service and management, research and analysis, and electronic commerce services.
    • Category:
      • C001 Personal Identifier: Name, address, phone number, email address.
      • C003 Governmental Information Identifier: ID number, Passport No.
      • C011 Personal Description: Date of Birth, Gender.
    • Utilization period and territory: NTT may utilize relevant information from the date of collection and will stop when NTT terminates rendering of Services. NTT will utilize information collected in area of 4 indicated.
    • Personal information of the member collected by NTT will be utilized to identify and provide commerce and marketing services to the member, including but not limited to sending marketing and event updates to the member and, when deemed necessary, provide personal information to NTT’s partners and affiliates. To be able to properly credit points and provide other benefits and services related to the purchase of tickets, the member agrees to allow the collection, processing and use of any information deemed necessary by NTT, OPENTIX Ticketing System or any other system commissioned by or working in partnership with NTT.
  • Rights of the member to personal information。
    • The following rights may be exercised by the member with regard to his/her personal information:
      • Inquiry and request for review of personal information.
      • Request duplications of personal information.
      • Request to supplement or correct personal information.
      • Request to discontinue collection, processing, or use of personal information.
      • Request to delete personal information.
    • The member may contact customer service staff of NTT to claim the rights herein.(Tel: +886-4-2251-1777; Email:
  • The member acknowledges that he/she might not be able to complete the membership application process or utilize all of the Services rendered by NTT if any required personal information is not made available to NTT.
Obligations of the Member
  • Each member is to adhere to the following when utilizing the Services:
    • Provide correct and current personal information as requested in the application form. Application can not be submitted in the name of a third party.
    • Maintain and update personal information to keep it true, current, and complete.
    • NTT, at its discretion, has the right to terminate or suspend a portion of or all Services to the member if false information is provided or if required information is not made available, without prior notice to the member.
Services Content and Promotional Information Distribution
  • NTT reserves the right to increase, modify, or terminate relevant content of Services pursuant to actual requirements of business without additional notice to the member.
  • NTT reserves the right to increase, modify, or terminate relevant activities pursuant to actual implementation status and agrees to provide notice to the member in a manner it deems reasonable.
  • The member agrees that NTT send information or promotional material by mail, email, text message or push message to the mailing address, email address, mobile number or social media account provided in the membership application. NTT agrees to stop mailing or emailing such information or material after receiving proper notice from the member.
Termination of Services
  • NTT agrees to reasonably maintain the Services, and reserves the right to terminate Services in the following instances:
    • Electronic equipment requires maintenance or reconstruction.
    • An emergency breakdown of relevant electronic equipment.
    • Telecommunications services normally provided to NTT are not available.
    • Force majeure or any other unforeseen matter or factor outside of NTT’s control.
  • Those under the age of 20 must have a parent (or legal guardian) read, understand and consent to these general terms and conditions to be eligible for NTT membership. When such a member uses or continues to use NTT membership services, the member’s parent (or legal guardian) is considered to have read, understood and consented to these general terms and conditions and any modifications made thereafter.
Member Benefits & Conditions
  • Membership Benefits
    • Members enjoy shopping discounts and discounts on events or programs presented by NTT. It is necessary to show your membership when using these discounts.
    • Members can purchase tickets online at a discounted price by logging in as a member.
  • Rights of Paid Membership
    • Membership cards are only valid for accessing to shopping discounts, exclusive events or special discounts on events hosted by NTT. (excluding non-participating programs, official merchandise and activities. Subject to updates on our official site and on-site). They are not to be used for billing, accounting, or other purposes.
  • Updating Personal Profile
    • Members may change or update their personal profile by logging in as a member on NTT website.
    • They may also update their profile by visiting NTT and presenting valid ID.
  • Replacement for Lost or Damaged Card
    • If your membership card is lost or damaged, please report it to NTT visitor information desk.
    • NTT will replace your card on receipt of NT$300 as replacement fee.
  • Terminating Membership
    • Members may terminate their membership at NTT. Termination will result in a loss of all benefits and cannot be reversed. Annual membership fees are non-refundable.
  • Other Notices
    • Membership application forms and other related documents submitted to NTT will not be returned. NTT reserves the right to accept or reject any membership application.
    • NTT reserves the right to modify, terminate, or amend any membership benefit or discounts, as well as to activate and terminate memberships.
    • NTT reserves the right to modify or revise its membership benefits, and such modifications or revisions will be posted on its website.



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